Friday 12 June 2015

Renegades and Heretics vs The Imperium 1875: Foot of the Oppressor

One of the most common occurrences on the battle fields of the 41st millennium, the Imperium attempt to stamp out a chaos uprising before it can take hold of a sector. In this game, the Imperium of man, represented by the elysian D-99 drop troopers, aided by the Tempestus Militarum and a Knight house, attack the forces of chaos. By this chaos force is just the humans of a planet unhappy with their Imperial oppressors seeking aid from the daemons of chaos. Its a 1875 point game of Tactical Escalation.

The Armies

Forces of Chaos

Renegades and Heretics: Combined arms Detachment (Primary)

Renegade Command Squad – 90 (warlord: tactical genius)
6 men, Covenant of Nurgle, lascannon, krack grenades

40 Plague Zombies – 120

Infantry Platoon
Command – 100
20 men, Demagogue, chaos sigil, krack grenades, militia training, 2x flamer

Infantry squad – 85
20 men, chaos sigil, krack grenades, militia training

Infantry squad – 60
2x melta gun, militia training
Chimera – 70
militia training, autocannon, heavy flamer

Infantry squad – 60
2x melta gun, militia training
Chimera – 70
militia training, autocannon, heavy flamer

2 Leman Russ Battle Tanks – 280

Leman Russ Demolisher – 170
militia training

Heavy Ordinance Battery – 90
Medusa cannon, militia training

Chaos Daemons: Combined arms detachment

Herald of Nurgle – 95
Locus of Fecundity (feel no pain), level 1 [smite, something I have forgotten]

20 Plaguebeaerers – 135

3 Nurglings – 45

Soul Grinder – 180
Daemon of Nurgle, Phlegm

Soul Grinder – 180
Daemon of Nurgle, Phlegm

Total points: 1875

Forces of the Imperium

D-99 Combined Arms Detachment (primary)

D-99 command squad
4x plasma guns

Veteran squad
6 men, missile launcher

Veteran squad
6 men, missile launcher

Executioner squad
7 men, 6x melta guns
rocket pods, multi laser

Taros Venerator
twin-linked lascannon, 2x hunter killer missiles

3 Drop turrets

punisher cannons

Knight Detachment

Knight Errant

Tempestus: Allied detachment


9 Scions
2x melta guns, power first
Taurox prime
Galting cannon, storm bolter

The Mission

We roll for the mission and get tactical escalation with hammer and anvil deployment. This is a little awkward as it means I have less room to deploy my hordes of men, but it also means he has less useful places for his fliers to go. So it works against both of us. We place the objectives around the table then roll for deployment. The objective are placed as follows:

Temple of khorne (bottom of photos)
Between the two rock clusters (middle right in photos)
Large woods (woods in the centre of the table)
Next to tower/tree
Other temple (top right of photos)
Behind defence line (top right)

The chaos side wins deployment so I set up first. I place the battle tanks at the back on the right, with a soul grinder in front of them, and both chimera transports ready to move up the right flank. On the left the demolisher and the other soul grinder get deployed. In the centre behind the rocks I place the Medusa. In the temple of khorne I place my command squad holding the objective. The infantry then just fill the gaps, with the zombies at the back on the left, the plague bearers in the middle ready to move up and hopefully take on a knight. The other infantry squads are deployed in cover, the infantry command starts in the ruin with the command and the other unit starts in the woods on the left. I keep the nurglings in reserve, ready to deep strike in.

In response my opponent doesn't have much to deploy. The knight goes front and centre, ready to attack my lines. The taurox starts behind rocks for cover, while the taros deploys behind the tree/tower. Both veteran squads start in cover, one on the right behind the defence line, and the other in the woods on the left. The rest of his force is in reserve.

Night Fight: No
Steal the initiative: No

The Battle

Chaos turn 1

All of my forces push forwards ready to attack the imperial forces before their reserves come in. The objective in the khorne temple turns out to be sabotaged, so my command squad backs off a little so the warlord is last to take a wound from it. Khorne doesn't suffer the followers of Nurgle in his places of worship.

Firing the big gun for the first time, the Medusa fires at the Knight in front of it. The shot hits and gets a glancing hit despite having two dice rolls to penetrate. Both of the battle tanks target the knight as well but the shield prevents all the damage. Both soul grinders attempt to take a hull point or two off the Knight, one shot is stopped by the shield but the other glances it as well, reducing it to 4 hull points. On the left the demolisher can just about see the Taros and immobilises the vehicle, and reducing it to 1 hull point. The command squads lascannon targets the knight but again the shield stops the shot. Infantry, with no weapons to really fire, run.

Score: Nothing

Imperium turn 1

Coming in from reserve the sentry guns take a risky deep strike right behind the unit of battle tanks. They lock on and I am now in trouble. Stomping forward, the Knight goes right for the soul grinder on the right getting in charge range. The infantry hold their ground but the Taurox pushes forwards, getting into the woods, ready for the scions to do something next turn.

The obvious shooting starts, with the turrets firing their lascannons into the rear armour of the battle tanks, one of them explodes and the other gets shaken. Another lascannon shot, this one from the Taros hits the demolisher tank but fails to do any damage to it. Firing its gatling cannon, the taurox targets the plaguebearers but due to the cover of the trees and shrouded, they only take a single wound and feel no pain fails to stop it, killing the daemon. Finally the knight acts, it fires its heavy stubber at the soul grinder in front of it so it can charge it. Then it fires its cannon at the medusa, causing 2 wounds on the artillery. Missiles from the infantry squads do nothing.

Assault phase and the knight charges into the soul grinder on the right. Its hammer of wrath does no damage but thanks to defensive grenades from daemon of nurgle, the knight only gets its basic attacks, which reduce it to 1 hull point and shake it, which is ignored. Very badly damaged, the soul grinder attacks back and hits with all 4 of its attacks, and then 4 penetrating hits. The knight is wrecked turn 1!!! The blast scatters into the plagebearers and 9 of the daemons die with 3 infantry getting dragged into hell with them.

Score: First blood (to chaos)

Chaos: 1 – Imperium: 0

Chaos turn 2

Erupting from the warp, the nurglings deep strike in but scatter and end up next to the woods in the centre. Again my foot troops move forwards getting closer to the enemy. In my back field the lone battle tank turns around to face the lascannon turrets as it is too slow to escape, it might as well make it as hard for the lascannons as possible. Up the right flank the chimeras carry on their way.

Again the medusa fires a shell high into the air and it lands on the Taurox in the woods, but only manages to shake it. Supporting fire from the chimeras take another hull point off it but its not enough. As I need to make a unit fail a moral test as an objective, both soul grinders target the infantry on the right trying to force them to run, one scatters off and the other kills 2 after they go to ground. They hold though. All my infantry (bar the slow and purposeful units) run again. To finish the demolisher targets the taros again but the shot scatters.

Score: Nothing

Chaos: 1 – Imperium: 0

Imperial turn 2

All of the reserves come in, which is rather an issue for me. He deep strikes his D-99 command squad behind my warlord attempting to get a quick kill, but they scatter into the centre of the temple of khorne. The vulture swoops in on the left going for the infantry which are almost on the Taros. Another deep strike, this one locks on though as the Valkyrie also comes in my back field on the left. Moving though cover, the taurox gets out of the woods and drops off the scions next to the damaged soul grinder.

Again the turrets first, but thanks to armour 14, nothing happens. On the left the infantry in the woods shoots at my infantry and gun down 6 of them (most causalities caused by a frag missiles) and then the unit if finished off by the strafing run of the vulture. Aiming their two melta guns, the scions attempt to take down the soul grinder, but despite their training, both shots miss. Missile pods from the valkyrie targets the infantry in my back field, both shots scatter off a little, and kills a single plaguebearer, and reduces the infantry down to 7 men, but they hold. Using all of their plasma guns, the D-99 command changes its target, and shoots at the medusa crew, killing off 3 and taking a wound off the gun. The remaining guy panics and runs for his life, effectively taking out the gun for the rest of the game.

Score: Nothing

Chaos: 1 – Imperium: 0

Chaos turn 3

With the enemy warlord on his own, the zombies move back ready to swarm over him. The renegade infantry move back to lend a hand while the command squad gets ready to charge in. The for most chimera moves towards the infantry on the right, ready to unleash its heavy flamer on them. Still the daemons move forwards, and the soul grinder on the right gets ready to deal out some death to the newly emerged scions.

Turning its turret to face the scions, the battle tank fires attempting to kill a few of the storm troopers and maybe wreck the taurox, but the shot scatters 9 inches, right on top of the damaged soul grinder, wrecking it... much to my opponents amusement. I have to admit I laughed as well. At the back of the table, my infantry target the command squad and kill 2 of the veterans. Flamer ready, the chimera burns 2 more of the infantry, while the last soul grinder attempts to kill off the rest, but the shot scatters. The demolisher shot also scatters off its target.

Assault phase and the zombies charge into the command squad, aided by my warlords command. I issue a challenge and he accepts, striking first he fails to do any damage. My warlord strikes back and while hitting with all of his attacks he fails to wound. Neither model in either command squad causes any wounds, but then the zombies attack, dragging the 2 veterans from the command squad to their death. Seeing this the D-99 commander attempts to run for his life but he is surrounded, and ripped apart by the zombies. At the end of combat, I get to roll a D3 and 3 of the corpses get back up, animated by the zombie plague, and join the zombies numbers.

Score: psychological warfare, assassinate, slay the warlord

Chaos: 4 – Imperium: 0

Imperium turn 3

Spreading his forces out, the scions go for the objective in the ruins while their transport goes into the woods to steal that objective. The vulture moves round to see my command squad while the Valkyrie goes after the plague bearers.

Again the turrets do nothing to the leman russ battle tank. Melta guns at the front, the scions shoot at the front chimera and explode it, killing 7 of the renegades and a single scion. All of the shots from the vulture target my command, with 16 wounds they go to ground, and some how my warlord lives with a single wound and so does the heavy weapon team, every one else is dead. Rocket pods form the valkyrie fire at the plaguebearers and kill 3 of the daemons, and then the taurox manages to bring down 1 more.

Score: hold objective 5, 5 and 6

Chaos: 4 – Imperium: 3

Chaos turn 4

I want to try and get the scions off the objective in the ruins, so the chimera tank shocks them! A single melta gunner attempts to death or glory it, and blows its autocannon off, unfortunately it doesn't stop the tank and he gets crushed to death while the rest of his squad scatters off the objective to avoid the same fate. The plague bearers move though the woods straight towards the taurox, attempting to wreck it. The soul grinder moves towards the taros.

The demolisher changes its target and shoots at the infantry in the woods on the left and kills 5 of them! They then run for it. Phlegm gets shot at the Tauros but it scatters, letting it live a little longer. All of the chimeras weapons snap fire at the scions, but the heavy bolter, las guns arrays, and even the guys in the transport fail to do anything.

Assault phase and I realise I didn't move the nurglings so they charge the taurox so they can move. The plague bearers then charge in and wreck it with ease. On the left I need a high roll but get it with a 10, allowing the soul grinder to charge the tauros and finally kill it.

Score: Recon

Chaos: 5 – Imperium: 3

Imperium turn 4

As its the only thing that can grab the objective next to it, the valkyrie goes into hover mode and moves to the objective to the right of my deployment zone. The vulture also moves so it can still see my command squad. His running veterans on the left rally.

Finally the turrets wreck the leman russ in front of them. Rather unsurprisingly the vulture gets its mark, killing off the command squad, gaining slay the warlord. Shots from the infantry on the right kill off the few remaining infantry left from when the chimera exploded before.

Assault and the scions, not happy with having to leave their ruin, charge the chimera and wreck it with krack grenades. As the rear hatch is covered, the infantry are forced to emergency disembark, and blow a hole in the side of the tank and scramble out, meaning they can't do anything in my next turn.

Score: slay the warlord, objective 2, overwhelming fire power (1)

Chaos: 5 – Imperium: 6

Chaos turn 5

As I have just lost the lead I need to get as many points as possible. I send the nurglings towards the scions to try and hold them up while the zombies swarm over the objective in the khorne temple, I know my opponent needs it and I have to stop him getting it. The few remaining infantry I have in the middle of the table who can act, move straight towards the valkyrie, as there is a chance I cha blow it off the objective which I now need. Carrying on its course, the soul grinder goes after the infantry on the right.

The demolisher misses the newly rallies infantry, unfortunately they will be able to act properly next turn. Unfortunate the soul grinder doesn't fare much better, as its shot scatters a lot, but it does still clip 1 guy killing him.

Now the important phase, the nurglings attempt to charge the scions, and take a single wound from overwatch, but they roll a 10 and make the charge. I lose none from the regular attacks, and then some how manage to kill 5 of the scions including the power first which had yet to attack, which would have murdered all of the swarms. The commissar keeps the unit in the fight though. In my deployment zone the infantry roll a massive 12 inch charge! As they are going though cover its only 10, but they still make it. I have about 7 guys left, and I get 4 hits, and 3 useful results, wrecking the flier and forcing out the executioners. But more importantly, the objective secured vehicle is gone, and with only an elite choice on the objective my troops can take it. But will it be enough. As their transport had taken a penetrating hit, the executioners need to take a moral test, and fail, so they can only snap shot next turn.

Score: objective 2, 3 and 1.

Chaos: 8 – Imperium: 6

Imperium turn 5

He needs the zombie objective so drops into hover mode and gets as close to it as possible, and must clear a 3 inch zone around the objective.

The executioners shoot at the infantry that just destroyed their transport but they are forced to snap shoot, and miss. The turrets then target the infantry and kill off 1. Finally the vulture shoots at the zombies, and only manage to kill off 6 due to the cover save and 4+ feel no pain, its not enough to grab him the objective.

In the assault phase its at lot less exciting as both sides take a single wound for a drawn combat.

Score: Behind enemy lines

Chaos: 8 – Imperium: 7

We roll to see if the game carries on....

End Game
(line breaker)

Chaos: 9 – Imperium: 8

Victory to the forces of chaos!!!


My first win with the Renegades in such a long time, it feels good even if it was purely down to a unlucky roll on my opponents first turn with his knight. But some times the big guys get smacked about by the slightly smaller walkers. But it was such a shame that the soul grinder got team killed in the game.

Another first, this was the first game using the Medusa, its short range for an artillery piece is awkward, and needs to be close to the front line putting it in danger, but its toughness 7 helps. In this game, my opponent felt pressured into trying to deal with it and did quite quickly. I didn't protect it very well and I will need to watch that in the future, as it could be important to keep it alive to take out 2+ save units.

I had no idea what to do when he dropped in his sentry guns, and holding it up with the russ was all I could think of, what do you all think?

Anyway hopefully I will have more reports for you soon.


  1. Sweet, another batrep! And finally a win, awesome! Good job!

    The only thing I can think of how you could protect the Russes next time would be to bubble wrap them with cheap infantry, so he can't deep strike the sentry guns behind them.

  2. I knew you were going to win !!!

  3. Bubblewrap tanks in zombies or make sure rear arcs are against solid terrain. To be honest, battke tanks aren't that great in Renegade lists as no tank commanders, you're better off spamming artillery, Sentinels, allies like Soul Grinders or Plague Hulks or various Lords of War