Tuesday 16 June 2015

Throne of Skulls Painting Challenge: Week 3

This week’s aim was to get 20 plaguebearers and the Herald of Nurgle painted. I didn’t have an real idea on how I was going to do this. Looking online I decided on a colour scheme that was very different from the renegades and heretics, a very different way of painting for a very different look. By having a different look, something that was hopefully going to be a bit ethereal, so the daemons didn’t look like they were quite there. Unfortunately this didn’t quite work out but I hope you guys like what I have done.

So first and foremost, I completed my target, they are now all painted to a gaming standard. Unfortunately they aren’t finished and after the event, I will be finishing them off to a standard I am happy with.

They have been painted by spraying them with army painter necrotic flesh. Somewhere then dry brushed white, others a slight green tinge. After this I painted the sword boltgun metal, and any guts, sores or other putrid bits a wash of Biel-tan green. Once this was dry I brushed on some Army painter quickshade (soft tone) to bring out the detail. Again they were finished off by painting the teeth and claws ushaptie bone. Unfortunatly they don’t look ethereal, but they do have a different feel to them than the renegades.

For my Herald of Nurgle I am using a model that I have had for quite some time, and old Mordheim carnival of chaos plaguebearer. I think that it is different enough, and now its painted its stands out. I don’t think it can get confused as a regular guy especially if I say, but what do you think? I painted him the same way but darker skin.

Getting all of those guys finished didn’t take as long as I thought it would so it gave me time to do a little extra, the 3 bases of nurglings. Again spray and wash and they were done. I don’t know why I thought it would take me a week to do all 3 as they are all done in a day.

However next week is the Soul grinders, which will take probably a week each to paint, I have no idea what I was thinking I could get them both done in a week. Must have been high or something.

Anyway that's me done for now.

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