Tuesday 23 June 2015

Throne of Skulls Painting Challenge: Week 4

This week’s aim was to get two soul grinders finished, and I was a bloody idiot thinking that I could get two of these monsters done it in a week. I am happy with what I have done but they aren’t finished.

I did manage to get a single one done. My aim for these models wasn’t to give them a look of a certain god, I wanted them to be rather neutral, so they could be used for any god, as in the future I plan on using them as daemons of khorne, instead of just nurgle.

The first painted model has a pinkinsh red skin, not quite khorne, not quite slaansesh. For some of my long time readers you will remember my Arachnarok spider I painted some years ago. The skin came out rather pleasing, so I attempted to recreate that. Unfortunately the red wash produced by GW has changed somewhat over the years and it didn’t quite come out the same. It isn’t great, but I am still happy with the result.

The second model which is still rather a work in progress, is more of a skin colour, or at least it will be once I am finished with it. At this point I am just hoping it doesn’t come out too nurgelish.

Anyway I need to crack on with these, and then I need to start on the Medusa and crew.


  1. I've always dug those models and I think you've done them justice here. Great job.

  2. Cant wait to see these in a batrep, and more of the medusa!

  3. I always think I can paint a larger model as fast as a smaller one for some reason. "Oh it's got less details"...4 hours later...I'm not even done an arm.