Friday, 29 May 2015

Throne of Skulls Painting Challenge: Week 1

As I need to get my ass into gear I have already got a very large portion of the first weeks painting done, and it has been hell. This weeks task is to get 17 infantry painted, well I have 15 done, and I will start on the next 2 as soon as possible.
These guys take a lot longer to paint than I remember, all of those stupid little steps that need to be done. Regardless I have got a large chunk of this weeks aim down, and I have left them with a variety of different skin tones to hopefully give the squad a little more diversity.

To make a few of the models a little different i swapped some of the heads with marauder horsemen heads, just to brake the squad up a little. I think it looks quite nice to have some bare heads.

But still I have two more to do, but that may have to wait, as this weekend I will be travelling down south to play in the Mens roller derby championships with my team. So I may have to do them while I do next weeks painting. God this is going to kill me.