Tuesday, 26 May 2015

July 2015 Throne of Skulls: The Army list

You all may be wondering why I have been playing such odd points recently, 1875, a very strange points limit. Well its because they have been games in preparation for the July 2015 Throne of Skulls weekend event at games workshop Nottingham. Now the event will be using Mealstrom of war mission (hence the appearance of mealstrom of war missions recently) and all of the vehicles will count as having objective secured as well. So I'm expecting a lot of armour during the Event.

I have been wanting to taking my Renegades and Heretics to the event, but unfortunately they are just too expensive to really do properly, and as we only have 2 and a half hours to play each game going total horde probably wouldn't be a great idea. So I have added in some daemon allies to bulk out the points.

So the following is the list that I am planning on taking with me, which is based on my forces which grew from the Narrative campaign I played with the Renegades in not so long ago.

The Forces of Ferrograd

Renegades and Heretics: Combined arms Detachment (Primary)

Renegade Command Squad – 90 (warlord)
6 men, Covenent of Nurgle, lascannon, krack grenades

40 Plague Zombies – 120

Infantry Platoon
Command – 100
20 men, Demagogue, chaos sigil, krack grenades, militia training, 2x flamer

Infantry squad – 85
20 men, chaos sigil, krack grenades, militia training

Infantry squad – 60
2x melta gun, militia training
Chimera – 70
militia training, autocannon, heavy flamer

Infantry squad – 60
2x melta gun, militia training
Chimera – 70
militia training, autocannon, heavy flamer

2 Leman Russ Battle Tanks – 280

Leman Russ Demolisher – 170
militia training

Heavy Ordinance Battery – 90
Medusa cannon, militia training

Chaos Daemons: Allies detachment

Herald of Nurgle – 95
Locus of Fecundity (feel no pain), level 1

20 Plaguebeaerers – 135

3 Nurglings – 45

Soul Grinder – 180
Daemon of Nurgle, Phlegm

Soul Grinder – 180
Daemon of Nurgle, Phlegm

Total points: 1875

This list brings a lot of large blasts, only one of which is barrage, but they are all high strength and relatively low ap (2 and 3). It also has a lot of bodies which are relatively reliable with Leadership, thanks to either fearless (zombies), daemonic instability (daemons) and sigils (infantry) so they should stick around for a while.

My plan for this list is to send the infantry forwards supported by the chimeras to take objective and hopefully wreck the many vehicles that I will come across. The battle tanks will hang at the back to target what every they can while the soul grinders will likely stay in cover and act as a counter attacking unit while throwing their blasts at what ever they can, or potentially shooting at weak fliers. If I come across any 12 fliers I will likely have to just ignore them and prey. The Medusa will hopefully be able to take out any powerful units hiding in cover as barrage should ignore any fortifications or cover people might be hiding behind. My plaguebearers are mainly on anti-knight duty, if they charge one they should be able to strip a lot of hull points off of one if they charge it. If I come across a full knight army, i'm likely boned, but such is life.

I am unhappy with a few aspects of this list, namely having to use 2 battle tanks, as well as having to have them in a unit, this really isn't a great choice but at this point its all I have and i'm not buying any more due to money restraints. Having the command squad cost so much is a little bad as well, but its a BS 4 lascannon, so its not a massive waste.

For the event you need a fully painted army, and as of right this second, I have about half the force painted. So until july I will be focusing on painting the army, and its quite a large task, and I will be posting my progress as I go. Here is my list of things that need painting:
  • Paint 17 Infantry
  • Paint 4 medusa crew
  • Paint the Medusa
  • Base 40 zombies
  • Paint 1 zombie
  • Paint 20 Plaguebearers
  • Paint Herald of nurgle
  • Paint The Nurglings
  • Paint 2 Soul grinders
That's all of the Daemons and bit of the renegades. Its going to be a busy month. As of the day this is published I have 7 weeks, leaving me to do a bullet point and a half a week. I am starting a weekly target to work off, and hopefully this painting challenge will get complete, otherwise I will have to quickly put an Eldar list together from what's already painted.

Week 1 (25th May - 31st May)
  • Paint the 17 Infantry
Week 2 (1st June - 7th June)
  • Paint the lone Zombie
  • Base the Zombies

Week 3 (8th June - 14th June)
  • Paint the Plaguebearers
  • Paint the Herald
Week 4 (15th June -21st June)
  • Paint the 2 soul grinders
Week 5 (22nd June - 28th June)
  • Paint the Nurglings
Week 6 (29th June - 5th July)
  • Paint the Medusa crew
  • Paint the Medusa
Week 7 (6th July - 12th July)
  • Finish off everything that inevitably hasn't been finished.
I have done the Medusa after the Daemons so I don't go crazy painting all the renegade models in one go as its time consuming. Week 2 is quite light as I need to come up with a way of painting the plague bearers, so I will hopefully get that done in that week so they can get finished the week after.

Wish me luck guys with the painting, and what do you think of the list? What will I have to look out for in your opinion?


  1. the list looks good to me I would add that you will need to look out for tau as well as your army seems to need cover for survivability and tau can put out a lot of shots especially in short range good luck with the painting and the event itself

  2. I have the exact same concerns you do so I guess there isn't much that can be said. Good luck painting dude and I cannot wait to see how your medusa turns out.

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