Friday 20 November 2015

Necromunda Survival: Injury and Exploration

Over the course of the mini campaign I intend to injure the survivors as much as possible, but the existing serious injuries chart isn't quite right for what I need. Also I will be adding in an exploration phase. For those of you who haven't read over my previous post on this click here.

With this being my second post on Necromunda: Survival I though I better flesh out the rules a little more so when I manage to get a battle report for you, it will make sense. I am going to cover a few things in this post, Survivor creation, Low on ammo, The Serious Injury chart and Exploration.

Survivor creation

The first thing you will need to do when playing this is create survivors for the game. While I'm writing this I am doing everything bearing in mind that I will have 3 different people playing the survivors, so the rules will be focused on that, so if you every want to try this out you might need to adjust it for how many people are playing. 

Each person will have 315 credits to make a small group of survivors, why the odd limit of 315? In my experiments I made a few different groups and added up their totals and they came to around that mark, it allows freedom to go with more bodies with cheaper guns, or you can sneak in a heavy or a leader if you want. 

With this 315 credits you create a group of survivors, unlike the standard necromunda rules, a leader is now 0-1, so its optional. Also you can only buy up to half of your survivors (rounded up) as juves. That's it, nice and simple. 

Low on Ammo

Ammo is very important and must be used sparingly, and some of the more specialist bullets are hard to find once they have been used up. Grenades as well aren't in abundance so should only be used in times of great need. 

When a specialist bullet (defined as one that doesn't come standard with a gun, and must be bought separately), grenade type, or missile type is used in a game, at the end of the game roll a D6 and on a 3+ the model still has some left, on a 1-2 you used your last bullets and must find some more in the future, remove them from the roster. 

Serious Injuries Chart

If you do not have the necromunda rules this might not make a lot of sense, but if you get taken out of action at the end of the game you have to roll to see what happens to you. You might heal fully or get fingers cut off. Its rather cool. 

I rather like the Necromunda injury chart but its not quite right for this setting, and it could always do with a little bit of a tweak:

The first tweak that I am making is that 11-15 is dead, 16 is now multiple injuries. Mordheim did this and I agree it improves the game as it gives you a glimmer of hope that your guy won't die if the first die comes up with a 1. 
41 is now Scared of X, where X is the model type that caused them to go out of action. If X causes fear they roll an extra D6 and use the highest two for the test. If X doesn't cause fear, they now do for that model. This prevents the roll of a 4 will automatically be a full recovery. 
56 you now just instantly hate the model type that forced you out of action. 
61 is now Lost D3 items. Roll a D3 and pick that many pieces of wargear to lose. This reduces that chance of getting captured but also another way to make a player really care about their guns. 

These are just a few little tweaks which probably wont make a massive difference, but I feel it will help the flow. Captured will be an odd injury and the survivors will have to decide if they want to mount a rescue mission or just leave them to their fate. 

Exploration chart

After each scenario each standing survivor will roll a D6 or a D3 if they went down and got back up (they are in pretty bad shape). What ever total they roll they receive that many credits (this is more of an abstract concept, as it will not actually be used to trade, purely to just hire new gangers later on). When they roll all of their dice they will need to look at what they roll and see if they have any doubles, triples or more. The highest roll they get will then be taken and look up the corresponding chart entry. These are themed around what you might find in the war torn underhive, after most of the inhabitants have been slaughtered by zombies. 

Thinking about it, as rolling a D3 will make the 1, 2 and  results more likely, they will have to be less impressive, maybe even not quite as good as the 5 and 6 of the results below.

(1,1) Abandoned Home
Searching through the ruins of the underhive you come across what looks like it may have once been a home, but everything have been taken. Searching though the home you find D3 credits.

(2,2) Hand full of Bullets
Searching though the rubble of a building you find enough Dum Dum bullets for 1 game.

(3,3) Corpse
A common sight in the underhive, even before the invasion began. Roll a D6 to see what the corpse held:
1-2: D3 credits
3-4: D6 credits
5: 1 Club
6: 1 Sword

(4,4) Barrel of water
You find a barrel of water, open. It's not looking the freshest and possibly tainted, but water is in short supply. Take a leadership test for each survivor and if they fail they drink their fill. If they drink roll a D6, on a 1 they get sick and miss the next game. Taking what's left back to camp you distil it and gain D6 credits.

(5,5) Abandoned ammo
An old ammo box is always a good sight when your low on ammo, even better when its got some ammo in it. Roll a D6, 1 its empty, 2-3 dum dum bullets, 4-6 bolt ammo for a shot gun

(6,6) Arcane weapon
Some old fashioned weapons are some time used when nothing else is available. Roll a D6, 1-3 find a hand bow, 4-6 a musket.

(1,1,1) Infected Survivor
You come across a survivor with a large chunk of flesh missing, he's obviously been attacked by a zombie. What do you do, put a bullet though his brain or leave him to his fate? Put a bullet in his brain and in your next game you start with 1 noise counter, but find a stub gun. If you leave him place an extra zombie at the beginning of the next survivor.

(2,2,2) More Ammo
You come across what was recently a field of slaughter. Corpses lie everywhere all covered in bullet holes, no zombies were involved here though. It looks like anything useful has been stripped from the dead apart from a few bullets. You find 1x Man-stopper bullets (shotgun), Frag grenades and a knife. 

(3,3,3) Hidden tunnels
A recent hive quake must have shifted this area and it could help in exploration. Select a member of the survivors to search the tunnels. Roll a D6, on a 1 the tunnel collapses and the survivor is never seen again. On a 2 they go nowhere. 3+ in your next game 3 models can set up in your table half instead of the stated deployment. 

(4,4,4) Dead Enforcer
The body of an enforcer surrounded by the remains of zombies is in a clearing, he went down fighting. But he's not been bitten, a headshot took the enforcer out. You take his shotgun (scatter and solid shells), Roll a D6 1- his amour is unusable, 2-5 you take what you can (counts as flak armour) on a 6 his armour is usable. 

(5,5,5) Gun stash
Always a welcome sight, find D3 autopistols, D3 stubguns, Roll a D6, 5+ a lasgun, roll a D6, 5+ a shotgun (solid and scatter), roll a D6 on a 6 you find a boltgun.

(6,6,6) Lost survivor
While searching though the ruins of the underhive a stranger approaches you seeking aid and shelter. Showing thanks they agree to go out on expeditions in the future. Roll a D6, 1 – a juve joins your survivors, 2-5 a ganger joins you, 6 – Ganger with +1bs joins you.

(1,1,1,1) Dead PDF patrol
What the hell the PDF where doing down here? Searching though the bodies you find
D3 suits of flak armour
D3 lasguns
D3 laspistols
D3 frag grenades
Roll a D6, on a 6+ a chainsword

(2,2,2,2) Shrine of the Emperor
Even down here folks have to worship, and sometimes, in desperate times like this, they leave donations. You have a choice, pray to the Emperor for protection, or loot the shrine. If you pray in your next game you can re-roll one injury result after all have been rolled. If you loot the shrine you gain 4D6 credits.

(3,3,3,3) Calling in a favour
You save some one with past experience with gang wars, they know the area and have been scouting the area killing off zombies. But they are willing to join in 1 raid. Pick either Underhive scum or a bounty hunter, you can use them for 1 game. You don't have to use them straight away but still only once. After the game, if they survive, you can re-roll one of the exploration dice after the game.

(4,4,4,4) Medical supplies
You find a small stash of medical supplies, you find D3 medi-packs, they are one use only. 

(5,5,5,5) Injured Enforcer 
You can help the enforcer by taking him back to your camp and heal him. He will join your force but will not suffer chaos to live, he will always attack chaos worshippers or possibly infected members of your gang. Or you can kill him and steal his shotgun and carapace armour. Your choice.

(6,6,6,6) Drug den
It not uncommon for people to use the underhive for seedy behaviour, drug dens, brothels etc... you stumble across one of the drug dens. Ransacked already there isn't much here but you find:
D3 vials of 'slaught
D3 vials of spook
You can use them or sell them at camp for D6x 5 credits each. 

(1,1,1,1,1) Cultist patrol
On your way back to camp one of your gang signals for silence. The unmistakable sound of inexperienced feet travelling though the underhive can be heard. You all take cover as a Nurgle cultist patrol moves though the area, a very rare sight. You can attack the patrol or just let it past. 
If you attack the patrol you take them by surprise, roll a D6, on a 2+ you kill them all, on a roll of a 1, some one escapes and you start your next game on one higher noise level than normal as the area is bolstered with chaos forces. Roll a D6 for each survivor, on a 1 they must roll for serious injury as they chaos patrol doesn't go quietly. Either way you salvage:
D3 Lasguns
D3 autoguns
D3  frag grenades
D3 clubs
D3 autopistols
Roll a D6 for the following, if you roll the target number or higher you gain the listed item:
6+ Heavy stubber
5+ 1 suit of carapace armour
3+ Shotgun (solid+scatter)
5+ Flamer
6+ krak grenade
6+ Blade venom

(2,2,2,2,2) Weapon Mods
Storage ready to be shipped to hive Dominus appears to have been 'borrowed' from the hive and found a new home in the underhive. Lucky for you its now yours. You find:
D3 -1  red dot laser sights
D3 -1 mono sights
D3 -1 telescopic sights
D3 -1 infra red sight    

(3,3,3,3,3) Food supplies
Food! Real god damn food, not the semi-edible moss you have been scraping off the walls and fungus that grows in the damper parts of the underhive. You ration it out but its good to have something real to eat boosting moral and feeling hardier. In your next game ignore the first flesh wound each survivor takes.

(4,4,4,4,4) PDF patrol 
Members of the planetary defence force are scoping out the area, they are constantly on the move killing chaos forces when ever they encounter them. Pick a model and make a leadership test, if you pass they join your camp, gain D3 + 1 gangers with lasguns, laspistols and flak armour. If you fail the test they give you some friendly advice and D3 laspistols. In your next game roll an extra D6 for exploration. 

(5,5,5,5,5) Wyrdly helpful
A wyrd stumbles into your camp seeking shelter. You can allow him to or turn him away. If you turn him away the camp feels more secure, as tales of daemons following psychics spear though the camp, you gain 4D6 credits. If you let him stay you get a free wyrd joining you force, roll a D3, 1: Telepath, 2: Telekenetic, 3: pyromancer. However if you come acorss a scenario which has daemons appear, double the number as they are attracted to the psychic. 

(6,6,6,6,6) Doctor!!!
You can hardly believe your luck, you find a group of survivors on the road, and one of them is a doctor! They are looking for a new camp as their last one got over run with zombies. After a model suffers an injury with lasting effects (bar loosing fingers, or loosing an eye) he can remove its effects on a D6 roll a of 5. Only one model can do this after each game. He can also allow you to use bionics (if you find any). 

Right now I'm struggling to think of something interesting enough for the 6 of a kinds, so I'm going to leave them for now. Hopefully in the game I am organising soon it won't come up. If it does, well, damn. If any one has some ideas, I would love to hear them.

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  1. Great table. I'm going to have to pinch it at some point. For the 6s you can definitely add another weapon stash. Heavy/special weapons would be a good start for that. Plasma guns, Las cannon ect.
    Permanent bonus could be another, a water supply that lasts until you roll a 6 each time you use it for credits. A vehicle or something that can be used to allow 3 gangers to roll two dice each exploration phase.
    A merchant that let's the group access the shop and try for rare items.
    You could use the merchant for the triple 3, and then one of the 5s can upgrade to 6 1's. The pdf one is really good so I might chose that to be 6 1's.
    Hope the helps hive you a start.