Friday 1 January 2016

Onto 2016: What do you want?

As its the end of the Year I thought I would have a look back on what I have done so far on the blog this year and compare it to the previous ones. This is more of an introspective post but I will probably have a few questions about the blog I would greatly appreciate you answering (skip to the bottom if you want to just help and see the questions).


For Skulkers Surprise 2015 started in March, as I had to take a break from blogging, it was just too time consuming and it was just getting me down. Having not posted for so long it did take its toll on the blog, I have had less views over the year after my absence (its to be expected) but it has shown me which of you guys really do read this, and your the reason I am still going. All of your comments really do get me posting more, and I would just like to thank you all. I try to comment back, but sometimes I just forget (or take a long time) for which I truly apologise. But please keep it up, it does bring a smile to my face when you do.

As for what I have actually done this year, its really not much. I started off by painting my regedages and heretics (plus some daemons) in order to use them for a Throne of Skulls Event, which was rather fun. I even made best chaos player some how. It really was a great event and I learnt a lot about how to use that army, and that soul grinders can be very nasty indeed. The plague zombies were the unit of the weekend for me though, they took a lot of fire power to shift, and even managed to kill a few marines while they were at it.

After Throne of Skulls, I burnt out of 40k a little and tried Age of Sigmar, and while I enjoy it, it has never quite got my attention like 40k does. Regardless I started painting and re-basing some of my old orcs for use in it, to try and kick start my enthusiasm. And I really have enjoyed repainting the orcs, as they were my first fantasy army I love using them again. However they don't perform too well but its better than nothing. I haven't painted all of the force yet, I still need to go over a few more, but I need it done this week really as I'm going to the January Age of Sigmar event with a few friends, lets hope it ignites the Age of Sigmar interest.

Apart from that I have painted a few more Malifaux models this year (really not many) and played a fair few games, including Zombicide, a lot of zombicide. Recently I have been playing a lot less GW games, be it games like Frostgrave, or just more traditional board games like zombicide, hell even card games like Munchkin have been played a lot this year. Is it a bad sign? I hope not as I still have a lot of 40k to paint and (hopefully) play. However the rapid release schedule and everything getting bigger is putting me off, my old forces just can't compete with Knights and other lords of war very easily, and requires a bit of a cash injection that I don't have spare any more. But I guess my answer to that would be, just play Eldar. They don't need anything spending on them and I reckon they can still smash lords of war apart, even if my Lynx, is no longer a LoW anymore.

Possibly because of the distaste of larger models everywhere, I altered the old Necromunda rules so we could play a unique campaign. Unfortunately we have only played one game, but I'm sure we will get more in the New Year.

What can 2016 bring?

Well as I have already mentioned I'm starting off the year with another event at Warhammer World, so I will hopefully have quick battle reports and lots of photos from that for you all to see, and hopefully I will be able to get a pic of all of my re-painted orcs before. There is a chance I will be painting the night before though (though I hope not). If that will lead to more Age of Sigmar after it? Who knows. But I did get given some savage orcs for Christmas so I will paint them at some point soon I hope.

My renegades have more units that need painting, so after the event I want to get them back on the painting table. First the second Medusa and crew won't take much but its bugging me that it isn't done, then the ogryn, as I have had them unpainted for far too long.

I miss Eldar, I miss painting them and playing with them. I haven't used them in a long time because a few people complained about how powerful they became, and I had to agree, it was unneeded. But with all of the changes in the current dex's I think its fine to bring them out again. Who knows, maybe they will be considered fair now, we will see what the guys think at the club. Either way I will be bringing them out a bit more.

After putting in as much work as I have so far, I will be carrying on with Necromunda for a few more games as well. I need to come up with a couple more scenarios to play, and advance the story as well which will take time. But I am exited to see where it goes, and I hope you guys are.

So more of the same I guess.

Future of Skulkers Surprise

Now I would love some input from you all about the blog. Mainly, what would you like to see?

It has changed a lot of the years and I'm always looking at new games but still sticking with 40k and what ever fantasy is at the time. But is that what you guys want from this blog? What do you like the most from it?
  • Battle reports: I do a lot of these, do you want me to carry on? Is this what you guys like?
  • 40k: Should I do more or less 40k? Should I stick with using Renegades and Heretics or do you want to see a large mix of different races? Or should I bring the Eldar back to the spot light for a while?
  • Age of Sigmar: Do you guys care about it? I notice I don't get many views compared to 40k, so I would like to know what you all think.
  • Other Games: for a very long time this blog was just GW games, do you like that I have added in a few other games from time to time, or should I leave them alone? For christmas some one bought me X-wing, and while I haven't played it yet it looks quite fun. So should I have a little dabble with that? Would you guys want me to report on it in a mini-series? And if I like it carry on? Or just have it as a small distraction, or just not mention it?
  • Reviews: Because of lack of funds I haven't done a codex review in a long time, do you miss them? Did you even like them? Should I next do some reviews of other things, like board games?

What do YOU guys want from this blog? I would love to hear from you. And Happy new year to you all.  


  1. Hey mate, I'd love to see more on AoS and your Renegades - as I'm just starting with Renegades in particular! But I'll read anything of yours, keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks for the comment mate, I will keep it in mind.

  2. I thoroughly enjoy the renegades in general, but wouldn't mind seeing a return of the eldar as well.

    Age of sigmar isn't really a point I interest for me, but some malifaux and x-wing would be cool as well.

    And the battle reports are awesome, never get rid of them :)

  3. I am also a fan of the renegades. They are definitely a rarer army and to my knowledge this is only blog that supports collecting them directly. I liked what you said about the evolving list before as well and look forward to that being explored.

    Eldar are again an interesting prospect, although popular as an army it is very interesting to see a fellow hobbyist navigate the political struggles of collecting that particular army. I feel your pain with that for sure.

    As I can't really comment on the other systems (this makes them interesting when you cover them but is still something I can only see at a distance) I cant really comment as much on them.

    This is one of a small few blogs that I follow regularly and I must say you are doing an excellent job. I can only encourage you to keep it up. But no pressure blog burn out is not fun. Good luck.

  4. Keep up the good work, and do what makes you happy. The enthusiasm for what you enjoy shows and make the posts more interesting to read.
    As a chaos player I love the renegades posts but it will be great to see the eldar back as I've always enjoyed seeing you play them.
    The necromunder campaign is promising to be awesome so definitely keep that up.
    Variety is the spice of life so they say, having a sprinkling of other stuff is great. I'm always up for seeing some AOS as it's an intriguing game that I'm building towards once I've a couple of projects out of the way.

    Other games as you feel like will always be read by me. Just keep it up and it's great to see you back.

  5. Hello good sir. Yours was on if the first blogs I followed,and I have enjoyed it greatly over the last few years.
    I would say keep doing what you 're doing. Carry on the good work and thanks for posting.

  6. Your battle reports are well written and I'd say they're definitely a major asset to your blog so keep up the good work. My preference has been for your 40k reports but I've been sure to check out pretty much all of them.

    The reviews were always interesting but the point that you raise about cost is totally understandable. I'd suggest that you review new codex's and games as you acquire them, but you shouldn't worry about trying to make these a regular thing.

    Overall I'd say that you're doing a great job here and I look forward to seeing what 2016 brings you!

  7. Hi Malduran, I hope I'm not too late for the party! I've stumbled across your blog when looking for Renegade info, and have been looking forward to each and every Friday ever since. I too prefer 40K articles, especially your batreps. The ones from Warhammer World were my favourite!

    What I didn't like as much was all of AoS and Necromunda, but that's just personal taste.

    Overall I think you're doing an outstanding job here! I know it takes a LOT of time to post these articles every week so thank you for taking it and making my Fridays more enjoyable!

  8. Hey there,
    At the begining i want to say that you are doing a great job. Looking at new posts give me a lot of fun.
    What plans you have? You can do something like: one week with 40k or GW games, next week with other ones. Gather some materials and then post it every week via some schedule.
    Monday - GW
    Thursday - other
    Friday - GW
    All depends on what have more viewers :P
    Got X-wing? Great, i would love to see some battlereps, maybe sqadron building ideas, previews or tactical advices :P
    As for codex. You dont need to do it on the release day. Go to local gaming area and try to read them form players that bought them.
    As for AoS, you know that a lot of ppl started to hate GW for killing WFB, so i dont know if you would get many viewers on that kind of posts. Do it if you lie it :P
    If it comes to 40k battlereps. Some of all armies would be great. I miss your eldars (well im eldar fan) :P
    For last. Do what you like!

  9. Yours was on if the first blogs I followed,and I have enjoyed it greatly over the last few years.
    I would say keep doing what you 're doing. Carry on the good work and thanks for posting.

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