Friday, 8 January 2016

Throne of Skulls: Orc List for Rotwater Blight

I am attending the Age of Sigmar Event: Rotwater Blight tomorrow (at time of posting) so I though that I would share with you all the army that I will be taking. As the conditions for any Games workshop event is everything must be painted and based, I decided to take my Orcs, as they weren't any where near done and it would give me a good kick up the arse to paint them. So here they are, Grimgore's Ard'boyz.

I should probably clear up a few things first, my orcs have been painted for a very long time, probably about 10+ years ago, but the standard of painting was rather lack lustre to say the least. So I took this opportunity to re-paint what I could and hopefully up the standard a little, as well as up date them for Age of Sigmar (aka put them on round bases). Here is a pic of my old colour scheme and new.

Old vs New
For the Event you are allowed a maximum of 60 models per game, they can change around in each game but a max of 60 it is. This sounds horribly easy to exploit, as 59 infantry and a hero is going to loose every time to 60 monsters. I hope this kind of thing wont happen, especially as this won't help you win. Like last time I went to an event in Nottingham (see here) it was based on 'Favourite game' votes. So the person who was the most enjoyable to play against won (in theory). However I found this to be more, the person you drew against or beat got the vote, and it was the biggest looser who took away the prize (hence why I got best chaos). Still this should hopefully stop people going for a monster list to kill every one turn 2.

The event also has a few special rules which are currently unknown. But in each game one side must be declared the Corrupter (working on the side of papa Nurgle), the other the Defender (helping the tree folk live a nice life). Being orcs I don't really care which side I'm on as long as its a good scrap, and they pay up after. This helps me feel my presence at the event is justified.

Regardless of this I would likely have taken the same list any way. I have taken a list based on theme, as I believe this is always the best way to go. And I just really want orcs, so I decided to use an old idea from the Storm of Chaos, Grimgores Ard'boyz. This means I will have orcs and little to no goblins (technically I shouldn't have any goblins but shut up). With the 60 model limit I decided to go for:

Orc Warboss on Wyvern
Orc Warboss with Waaaagh Banner
Orc Bully
Orc Great Shaman
Orc Great Shaman
Savage Orc Great Shaman
20 Orc Boyz – Full command, shields
Grimgore Ironhide
17 Black orcs – Full command
5 Stone Trolls
Doom Diver (5 models)
Rock Lobber (5 models)

My force together
That is my 60 models, hopefully I should do nicely. Granted the original ard'boyz list didn't allows trolls or goblin artillery, but I don't think they take away from the theme at all, plus the goblins have an orc watching over them.

Savage orc shaman and two orc shamans
I would consider the main oddity in my list is the single savage orc, he's just there so I have another model to cast mystic shield and I only have 2 orc shaman models. Plus its always fun having a single nutter running around. Anyway onto the pics!

Back of the Savage shaman

All the Heros together

Grimgore Ironhide

Warboss on wyvern

Warboss on wyvern

A selection of Orc boyz

The Stone trolls

Still a W.I.P

My giant is still a work in progress, so i have Friday to finish it off, and i has to be fully painted for the Event, so wish me luck, I might be painting in the Hotel room the night before.

What do you think of the army and paint scheme?


  1. They look fantastic!
    Lovely old school feel to the army and a good combination of troops, I can tell you from first hand experience that Gobbo Doom Divers are very strong indeed! And trolls are just awesome =)
    Are you going to the doubles campaign in Feb?
    Rise of the Seraphon...
    I'll participating in it so maybe see you there.
    Good luck at the event, I hope the dice roll well for you...
    or to put it another way...

    1. Unfortunately I wont be attending in February but have a great time dude. Thanks for the luck.

  2. looking like a fun set up. hopefully feedback from this will help the events team get a better Idea of the game balance going forward. I can see people taking 3 or 4 monsters quite fairly and Ogre armies are going to be a tough game.

    Then add in the summoning for undead, daemons etc. I'm realy interested to see how this pans out.

    Best of luck

    1. Well lets see, hopefully just talking to people will help balance it before we play

  3. I can tell you from first hand experience that Gobbo Doom Divers are very strong indeed! And trolls are just awesome =)

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