Friday 26 February 2016

Eldar vs Tau 2k: Ambush the Hunter

The Farsight Enclave have been found on a maiden world, something which can not be tolerated. Attacking what appears to be a small Tau outpost, the Eldar bring their full force to bare and get ambushed by the Farsight and his crisis suits. The game is a 2000 point Mealstrom game of Cleanse and Control with vanguard strike deployment.

The Armies

Eldar: Combined Arms Detachment

Farseer – 100 (warlord: Ambush of blades)

10 Guardians – 105
scatter laser, Warlock
Wave Serpent – 140
twin-linked scatter laser, shuriken cannon, holo field

3 Windriders – 51

10 Striking Scorpions – 210
exarch, scorpion claw

6 Fire Dragons – 132
Wave Serpent – 140
twin-linked scatter laser, shuriken cannon, holo field

10 Swooping Hawks – 170

8 Warp spiders – 162

3 vypers – 150
2x shuriken cannons

3 War walkers – 180
2x scatter lasers

Fire Prism – 140
holo field

Lynx – 280
holo field, spirit stones

Total: 1995

With this list I wanted to get away from the renegades and use a fast, elite force which can kill with ease. So this list is based around troops in transports and fast units, how I like my Eldar.

Tau: Unbound

Farsight – 165 (warlord)

3 Bodyguard - 268
Bonding Knives, Fusion Blaster + Plasma Rifle, Talisman of Arthas Moloch, 3 x Target Locks, 3 x Missile Drones

5 Pathfinders - 60
Bonding Knives

5 Pathfinders – 60
Bonding Knives

5 Pathfinders - 60
Bonding Knives

Barracuda - 171
4 Seeker Missiles, Blacksun Filter, Decoy Launchers, Automated Repair System

3 XV88 Broadsides - 259
Shas’vre, Bonding Knives, 3 x Shield Drone, 2 x Rail Gun, High Yield Missile Pod, 3 Early Warning Override

Rapid Insertion Force formation

Riptide - 240
2 Shielded Missile Drones, Ion Accelerator, Counterfire Defence System, Early Warning Override.

3 XV8 Crisis Suits - 208
Shas’vre, Bonding Knives, Burst Cannon + Missile Pod x 2, Plasma Rifle and Flamer, Shield Generator, 2 x Gun Drones, 2 x Counterfire Defence Systems

3 XV8 Crisis Suits - 188
Shas’vre , Bonding Knives, Burst Cannon + Airbursting Fragmentation Projector, Twin Linked Flamer, Twin Linked Fusion Blasters, Shield Generator, 2 x Gun Drones, 2 x Counterfire Defence Systems

3 XV8 Crisis Suits - 228
Shas’vre, Bonding Knives, Fusion Blaster + Plasma Rifle x 3, Shield Generator, 2 x Target Lock, 2 x Shield Drone

3 XV25 Stealth Suits - 93
Bonding Knives

The Mission

Once more a Mealstrom Mission, we roll and randomly get Cleanse and Control, the most basic of the missions, 3 objectives each. After setting up the objectives we find out what deployment we get ad roll vanguard strike. Winning the roll the Tau force sets up first and keep most of his units in reserve. The broadsides set up at the back and all of the pathfinders set up in different ruins, one unit at the back by the broadsides while the other two set up together at the extreme of their deployment in a ruin. The stealth suits will infiltrate while everything else waits in reserve to deep strike in.

My deployment is a little longer, I set up the swooping hawks at the very far end of my deployment zone so they can't be shot and can sky jump turn 1. I place the vypers and jetbikes on the right ready to speed up the field. In the centre I have both wave serpents (guardians on the left, dragons on the right), with the fire prism between them. To the left of the wave serpents the war walkers deploy with the warp spiders. I keep the lynx in reserve so it can hopefully take down a unit entering from reserve.

We roll off and I win for deploying infiltrators first, and place the scorpions as close to him as possible hidden behind a ruin. He then places his stealth suits on the right behind a building.

Night Fight: No
Steal the initiative: Don't try (I want the lynx coming in second)

The Battle

Tau turn 1

Straight to the shooting phase!!! All of the pathfinder units target the guardians wave serpent and manage to get 4 this on it (so no point jinking for me). The broadsides then target it with everything they have, getting 2 glances and a penetrating hit (so no too much), the holo fields protect the tank from the glances but the penetrating hit shakes the transport... and I just realised I could have downgraded it with the serpent shield as I'm typing this. The things you forget when you don't play for a while.

Score: Objective 4 (1 – 0)

Eldar turn 1

Jumping to the sky the swooping hawks leave the battlefield ready to come back next turn. Every one else moves forwards, the vypers go down the right flank ready to attack the stealth suits next turn while most of the force moves down the left flank towards the broadsides and pathfinders.

The scorpions run towards the broadsides and objective 6. Shooting from the war walkers targets a unit of pathfinders in the ruin and under the sheer volume of fire they die. Scatter laser fire targets the other unit of pathfinders in the ruin and manage to take down 2 more. The warp spiders run forwards and the bikes hold an objective.

Score: Objective 6, First Blood (1 – 2)

Tau turn 2

Jumping in from the sky two units of battle suits enter the fray, both next to the stealth suits so they don't scatter. The Barracuda also joins the party going straight for the striking scorpions, as they are very close to the broadsides. With the reinforcements on the table, the stealth suits move towards objective 6.

Targeting the damaged wave serpent, the pathfinders hit it with 2 more marker lights. The remnants of the other unit hit the fire prism with 1 as well. The shooting starts with 2 seeker missiles from the barracuda, one hits the wave serpent but the holo field protects it, the other fails to penetrate the fire prisms armour. Firing its own weapons, the Barracuda targets the scorpions but despite its vast array of weapons none of them can penetrate the scorpions thick armour (very lucky rolls by me and unlucky by my opponent). With the threat still close, the broadsides target the scorpions and kill 4 of them, taking them off the objective. Coming in from reserve twin-linked the crisis suits weapons I believe, making them very dangerous, and they both target the vypers. The unit doesn't stand a chance under such over whelming fire power.

Assault phase and the suits jump around with their jet packs, and the stealth suits make a big jump to objective 6.

Score: Objective 6, objective 5, Supremacy (3) (6 - 2)

Eldar turn 2

Returning from their skyward jump, the hawks return to the battlefield on the right far away from the broadsides with intercept. They grenade a unit of crisis suits but their armour protects them. In from reserve the lynx appears next to the crisis teams ready to take them out. The farseer jumps out of the fire dragon wave serpent while the warp spiders and scorpions move towards the broadsides. The fire prism gets a new firing position and the wave serpents get ready to finish off the pathfinders.

Psychic phase starts with the farseer casting fortune on the lynx to protect it and then guide on the war walkers.

Guided, the war walkers target the Barracuda which decides to jink. All of the shots with a re-roll get about 7 hits (not bad) but they all fail to even glance the flier. One wave serpent targets the pathfinders and kills off 2 more leaving 1 left. Instead of taking the last one out (possibly a mistake) but instead shoots at the crisis suits in the middle, taking down the 2 drones protecting them. The lynx targets them trying to take them out but thanks to cover only 1 model dies. The fire prism targets the suits but fails to do any damage. Firing their lasblasters the hawks guns down a single crisis suits on the right. The warp spiders run forwards then target the broadsides and kill the two drones and wound a broadside.

Assault phase and the scorpions charge the stealth suits, the over watch misses, and the exarch kills them all with out aid from his peers.

Score: Nothing (6 – 2)

Tau turn 3

The hero of the Tau force comes in from reserve, Farsight and his bodyguard deep strike next to the lynx ready to shoot at it. Jinking so its shooting is a little off, the Barracuda moves towards the lynx as well. Damaged but not out the game, the middle unit of crisis suits goes after the striking scorpions, while the crisis unit on the right turns to face the hawks.

Alone in the ruin, the path finder tries to mark the wave serpent closest to it but misses. The other unit of pathfinders actually shoot this turn, firing at the warp spiders as they are close and manage to kill 1. Seeing the threat close to them, the spiders get shot at by the Broadsides as well losing another 6 of their number, leaving 1 guy left (again I forgot a rule, they could have tried to jump out of sight). To my surprise the Barracuda targets the war walkers but all his shots miss. Wanting objective 6, the crisis team in the middle target the scorpions and bring 2 down. Emulating their brethren, 3 hawks die to the torrent of fire from the other crisis team. Now for the most important shots, the bodyguard target the lynx with their melta fire, he gets 3 penetrating hits, and all 3 are saved by the holo field (thanks to fortune giving it a re-roll).

Assault phase and again the suits jump around to get in my way or hide.

Score: Nothing (6 – 2)

Eldar turn 3

I doubt I will get that lucky again, and I have king slayer as an objective so I would really like it if Farsight could die. With that in mind I focus on him, the hawks jump back to block him in, the fire prism turns around, the jet bikes and lynx turn to shoot at him at his squad as well. Both the scorpions and lone spider keep putting pressure on the broadsides while the wave serpents stay in the middle waiting for his next reinforcements, and the war walkers watch the barracuda.

Psychic phase is much the same as the last, fortune the lynx and guide the war walkers.

Hopefully this time they can do some damage, the wall of fire from the war walkers covers the sky and hits the Barracuda 6 times and manages to wreck it! It crashes to the ground but doesn't harm anything. Both wave serpents shoot at the crisis suits by objective 6 and reduce them to a single suit. Now to the important unit, farrsight and friends. I start with the bikes which manages to strip a drone, using its large blast the prism kills off another drone and a suit, the hawks deal a single wound but nothing major, but then the Lynx finishes off the unit BAR Farsight, who is the last man standing.

I think about this, and decide to send the spider in to the broadsides first to make sure the scorpions can make the charge, and he survives the over watch. The scorpions make the charge and issue a challenge which he declines (smart move). In combat the scorpions kill the drone with their mandiblasters, allowing the exarch to pile in and kill a suit with its claw. The rest pile in and kill 1 more (he rolled a lot of 1's) but nothing else happens, the lone suit tries to run but gets cut down.

Score: Scour the skies (6 – 3)

Tau turn 4

Finally the rest of his reserves come in, the Riptide deep strikes in next to the guardians wave serpent but scatters back 9 but stays on the table. The final unit of crisis suits comes in next to the war walkers but scatters 11 off and lands next to the farseer (which is probably better for him). The lone crisis suit goes after the warp spider while the suits on the right go behind the fire prism.

Shooting from the pathfinders targets the scorpions but they fail to do any damage. Being alone obviously throws the crisis suit shooting at the warp spider as he fails to do any damage. However the suits behind the fire prism manage to glance the fire prism, but the riptide tries to take down the guardians wave serpent and fails to do any damage at all thanks to the Holo field. However all is not lost as his full unit of crisis suits kills the farseer with no problem for slay the warlord.

Jump phase and he jump about with every one. But the lone suit charges the spider and nothing happened. Farsight charges into the Bikes and I lose 2, but the last guy holds much to my annoyance.

Score: Slay the warlord, take no prisoners, overwhelm,ing firepower (9 – 3)

Eldar turn 4

With Farsight tied up this turn, the lynx moves away from him to face the Riptide, the wave serpents both move 6 towards it as well and drop off their units, who can hopefully take out the riptide as well. I move the war walkers to take on the full unit of crisis suits, and charge them if I need to, as I should just tie them up for the rest of the game.

Finally free the warlock can cast his powers, and conceals and quickens the guardians.

Again the scatter lasers fire from the war walkers and they take down 2 drones and a crisis suit, not too bad. Guardians first run then shoot at the riptide killing both drones and wounding the monster. The fire dragons run then shoot as well reducing the riptide to a single wound. Its over kill but the Lynx fires its 3 D shots at the riptide and rolls triple 1 to wound... keeping it alive. But then I snap fire its shuriken cannon, one shot hits, then wounds and he fails his save!!! I got lucky then. Firing its prim cannon the fire prism takes down a suit from the middle unit.

Combat and the war walkers fail their charge. The scorpions charge into help the spider and again I miss all of my attacks with the exarch then his armour holds true. Farsight and the bike do nothing to each other.

Score: Combined strike (1) (9 – 4)

Tau turn 5

The suits move to face the war walkers and avenge their fallen brother.

Pathfinders target the fire dragons wave serpent but misses, then the lone suit in the middle shakes it. The suits on war walkers does nothing as the power field absorbs all the shots.

Assault phase and the suits charge in and nothing happens. This turn the exarch kills the lone suit and nothing happens between farsight and the bike (again... I just want my bike to die).

Score: Nothing (9 – 4)

Eldar turn 5

With no real target the fire dragons move to the lone suit, while the wave serpents face the lone pathfinder. The scorpions move to deal with the full unit of pathfinders. Jumping to the sky the hawks leave the battlefield.

Shooting phase and the guardians kill the lone pathfinder, so the wave serpents and warp spiders target the full unit and kill them off as well. In a most horrific death the lone crisis suit burns to the fire dragons, getting killed several times over.

Assault phase and finally Farsight kills off the Bike, and the war walkers come how kill off a crisis suit in combat.

Score: Hidden path (objective 6), objective 1 (9 – 6)

We see if we get a 6th turn...

Tau turn 6

Farsight moves towards the fire prism and charges it, wrecking it in combat. The war walker vs crisis suits does has a war walker deal a single wound to the tau.

Score: Blood and Guts (10 – 6)

Eldar turn 6

I turn the wave serpents around to face farsight and the lynx turns to face him. The hawks come back in and take objective 4.

The Lynx targets Farsight, all 3 hit, 1 fails to wound, and he makes both of his invulnerable saves. I shoot everything that's in range of him but I do nothing. Farsight lives.

In combat the war walkers finish off the battle suit.

Score: Objective 4 (10 - 7)

I pray the game continues...

It ends.

Line breaker for Both of us

Tau: 11 – Eldar: 8


Well that was close, he had me on points but if I could have taken down Farsight it would have been a win for me. This was a very interesting Tau army, and a type that I haven't faced before. He relied on reserves a lot which allowed me to take out his army bit by bit, but in the end he still won on objectives.

I had hidden path since the first turn, and I only completed it turn 5, so thinking about it now I really should have just discarded it and hopefully drawn a new objective which would have been a lot easier to complete. And in the long run I may have been able to catch up with objectives.

This was the first game with the Lynx, and I was quite happy with it. Having the option of 1 large blast or 3 twin-linked shots really made a difference. Unfortunately It wasn't as good as it used to be with 2 large blast shots but I can get over that. Taking out larger monsters and tanks the 3 shots will be better (although in this game they did nothing) and I still have the option for a single blast if some one deep strikes in close together.

Over all I like this type of Eldar force, its just a shame the vypers got double teamed turn 2, but I should have realised that was going to happen, I did place them next to the unit which allows the crisis suits to come in and not scatter. My fault really.

Anyway it was a fun game, hope you enjoyed.   


  1. Cool report, thanks man! It was nice to see two balanced forces of two very strong armies, as currently you see them min/maxed most of the time. I really liked how your Scorpions performed, and seeing the Lynx was cool, too. Bad luck with the jetbike holding for so long, and then with the shooting in the last turn.

  2. triple ones on a d weapon, then a snap shot works.. amazing! Imagine how that looked to the people on the battlefield hahaha