Tuesday 1 March 2016

Norse Blood Bowl Team

I know that Blood Bowl isn't very popular right now but never the less I have painted up a team for me to use for the rare occasion that i might want to play a game. So i would like to introduce you all to me new team, The Old World Eaters! Now here are a few more pics after the jump.
When i was designing the team i wanted to give each of the different roles their own unique look. As they all come from the same kit (marauders if you can't tell) i just made little differences but i think they are good enough to show difference.

First up the Linemen, to show them i have given them all a single shoulder pad on their left. They also have a little bit of blood on them, just to show they have been in a little bit of a scrap.

Second are the Berzerkers, they have 2 shoulder pads and are covered in blood, as they will be in the thick of the fighting. 

My Thrower and Runners are a lot lighter armored with no shoulder pads, as they are going to be the more athletic with throwing and catching etc... In order to show off the thrower i gave him a ball to show his role as a... well thrower. The runners i gave them fancy helmets, and positioned them to look like they are running or trying to catch.

The winged Helmets aren't very useful on the pitch, but i think it definitely shows they are meant for speed.

Finally the Wearwolf, as they never had a model or have any real way to convert one, i have to find an old Dog of War, Beorg Bearstruck, and use him. Hes more Bear like than wolf, but I think he is a good stand in.

Anyway thats the team, i hope you guys like them, and hopefully i will get to use them soon.