Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Eldar Rumours: My thoughts

I have been keeping my eye on the rumours of the new Eldar release, I have quite an interest in the little blighters after all. So far I am quite surprised at the amount of new releases we have and the price tagged onto these. Before I go any further these are a few of the rumours I have found...

Note: These are not mine, I read these on warseer

·         New Pheonix lord: Nuadhu, The fireheart
·         Dragon riders: The exordites return with their lizard mounts
·         Eldar Xentarch models:  We have a xentarch for each aspect... whatever that means.
·         Many new models for existing models

Now what does this mean for you?

Let’s start with the Eldar Xentach models, I have read that they are new names for the humble exarch, however if you look at some of the repacks, the dire avengers have parts for an exarch. So does that mean they are replacing them? I doubt it, maybe a replacement to the autarch or even just a VERY skilled aspect warrior? Who knows, only time will tell...

Dragons riders? If it is truly a return of at least a single exordite unit I welcome it with open arms. I have never played an edition with these little buggers but they did once exist back in 2nd edition. I am looking forward to this, a lot.

New phoenix lord, very interesting, I already own all the original lords so I guess I have to buy this new one. The phoenix lord of the shining spears, Nuadhu, the fireheart. While I like that they are getting a lord at last, I am very disappointed at the moment who they decided to make it. Let me explain, Nuadhu Fireheart was a special character in the 3rd edition eldar codex. He was a wild rider chief who rode a vyper jet bike and acted like a dreadnaught in game. He was reckless, he was dangerous but he was a chief of Saim-Hann. Not a phoenix lord. Now they better have a damn good back story for why this happened. I'm surprised that they didn’t bring in the Spider lord which has been mentioned in a book in the past.

The new models for wraithguard look amazing from the leaked pictures, i am kind of ashamed of my old school ones now. Damn. The flyer i am not 100% on but you never know. 

And how much will all this new fancy stuff cost?

First thing first, the WraightKnight will cost approximately £75, that is going to be a deep burn in my wallet, and I'm sure my local game store will be very happy.

Flyer - £45

Very expensive, very, very expensive and I'm expecting the dragon knights to cost just as much. For more prices, click here.

Anyway thats all I have to share today, hope it was informative.

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